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Forced and Exploited

April 6, 2021
Human Trafficking
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The Issue

Currently, the Philippines is one of largest migrant countries in the world. A percentage of this large migrant population comprises illegal migrants. Some of these are victims of human trafficking. In spite of the existence of legal channels for overseas employment in the Philippines, intermediaries who offer their services for the expeditious but illegal alternatives continue to exist, and this contributes to the problem of trafficking. Victims are subject to contract violations regarding pay and working conditions, are deceived about the nature of work they will have to undertake after arrival in the destination country, are forced into sexual contact with customers, and subjected to various forms of coercion, manipulation, physical and sexual assaults.
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The Solution

Receive and respond to requests for assistance, inquiries, and referrals from victims including their families and the public on matters related to cases of human trafficking regardless if the crime was committed locally or internationally and systematize the referral of cases to appropriate government agencies or non-government organizations as immediately as possible.
1343 Actionline Against Human Trafficking
The 1343 Actionline is a 24/7 hotline facility that responds to emergency or crisis calls from victims of human trafficking and their families. It likewise provides a venue for the public to be engaged in the fight against trafficking in persons in line with the core message of the IACAT which is, Laban Kontra Human Trafficking, Laban nating Lahat!
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The Solution

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