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Endangered Gentle Giants

April 5, 2021
Wildlife Trafficking
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The Issue

Thai elephants have been highly praised and nationally proclaimed throughout history, but very little has been done to protect them. The threats against Thai elephants come only from human exploitation. Direct threats include poaching for ivory and elephant calves, and illegal logging or roaming the city streets for money. Indirect threats involve mismanagement and shortsighted policies, such as deforestation for agriculture, industrial plantations, dams or road constructions and commercialization of the forest reserve areas.
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The Solution

Provide as many elephants as possible with the good health, freedom, and happiness they truly deserve. We use our progressive and ethically responsible approach to elephant eco-tourism as a platform to raise awareness and educate people from Thailand and around the world about elephant care and the plight of the Asian elephant.
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary - Chiang Mai
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is a project that has set up ethical sanctuaries in Thailand. We have three nature parks in Thailand, they are near Chiang Mai, Pattaya Phuket, and Samui, Visitors to the sanctuary will be able to feed, bathe and play with the animals on their visit.
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The Solution

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