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Are Girls Victims?

April 5, 2021
Human Trafficking
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The Issue

While Thailand has ramped up efforts to tackle child sex trafficking in recent years, the crime is evolving and taking new forms such as the rising use of girls as “entertainers” to lure men into bars, according to police chiefs and campaigners. The majority of patrons, child waitresses and bar owners do not see this work as abusive or unlawful, but officials say it is a type of human trafficking that has largely gone under the radar – and proved difficult to investigate and prosecute.
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The Solution

Daughters Rising takes an intersectional feminist, sex-positive, grassroots approach to working with at-risk populations and underserved ethnic minority communities. They believe that collaboration and long-lasting relationships that respect local culture are the best ways to enact meaningful change. They work with the most at-risk populations in Northern Thailand — ethnic minority women and refugees in underserved rural communities. By creating as many opportunities as possible for these women and girls, they help them become strong leaders and advocates. When women and girls are educated, know their rights, have self esteem, dignified employment opportunities and emotional support, they are empowered to take their lives into their own hands.
Daughters Rising
Daughters Rising is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent trafficking by empowering at-risk girls through education, and training programs.
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The Solution

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