Jey Bala has worked in Hewlett & Packard and Dell as a trainer and quality audits for a total of 4 years. Before that, he taught English in a local school as well as in Tenby International School. He studies Business IT in college and completed an online TESOL course. Before joining the Biji-biji and Me.reka team he was the manager in an NGO called SOLS 24/7 for the IT and Education department. Here he developed a book to train students, developed reporting modules, SOPS, collecting computers from big organizations to be donated, recycling e-waste and trained the trainers to teach IT to students. Social and service base work has always been a true calling for Jey Bala. In Me.reka he is in charge of the education, workshops, events and programming. He has run many workshops and is always looking for new things to try. He enjoys working with people, a team player and has great communications skills. He loves, recycling, sustainability, eating healthy (vegetables), hiking, camping, flow arts, games, jamming, and developing new modules/activities.