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Newest Solutions

Adopt an animal

Collect Donations for animals in need.

Spread Awareness

Share information about animal cruelty to help reduce it

Seeking Sustainable Solutions

Mlup Baitong is a Cambodian NGO working to increase environmental awareness and conservation, seeking solutions for sustainable and equitable use of natural resources through education, training, advocacy, community-based natural resource management, and eco-tourism activities.

Beginning a Healing Journey

Engage in prevention, protection, rehabilitation, and reintegration work in three main programs: Elimination of Gender Based Violence Program Anti-Human Trafficking Program Child safeguarding and empowerment program.

Striving to Make a Positive Impact

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association (BANCA) focuses on conservation of nature, primarily biological diversity, through action based on research, advocacy, partnership, network building, education, people's participation and awareness. They also collaborate with Impact Driven Organisations across the globe, a number of these projects focus on conservation of birds.

Empowering Law Enforcement

Partnering with police, schools, communities, families, and children themselves

Safe Shelters

Support shelters for survivors, training and supporting law enforcement, influencing governments and conducting a wide range of research.

Building Long Lasting Relationships

Daughters Rising takes an intersectional feminist, sex-positive, grassroots approach to working with at-risk populations and underserved ethnic minority communities. They believe that collaboration and long-lasting relationships that respect local culture are the best ways to enact meaningful change. They work with the most at-risk populations in Northern Thailand — ethnic minority women and refugees in underserved rural communities. By creating as many opportunities as possible for these women and girls, they help them become strong leaders and advocates. When women and girls are educated, know their rights, have self esteem, dignified employment opportunities and emotional support, they are empowered to take their lives into their own hands.

Leading Gibbon Conservation

WARF has operated closer ties with the Royal Forestry Department of Thailand and other government and non-governmental agencies. Today it has become one of Thailand's leading advocates for nature conservation. We provide appropriate housing and care for animals placed under their protection. Many of the animals in WARF's care, including gibbons, macaques, bears and tigers are former pets that have been maltreated, or have grown too big and unmanageable for their owners. WARF's goal is to rehabilitate these animals wherever possible and return them to the wild.

Love Wildlife

Love Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection of Southeast Asian wildlife though education and outreach. Love Wildlife envisions itself as a leader of wildlife conservation and education in Thailand. They aim to play an important role in the community through educating zoos, schools and other organisations on wildlife issues.

The Rise of The Gibbons

The Gibbon Rehabilitation Projects (GRP) aims to help those illegally captive gibbons to have their freedoms once again. Gibbon reintroduction today still remains a relatively new division of conservation movement as well as uncharted terrain for researchers around the globe. GRP has been testing numerous methods of gibbon reintroduction for the last 27 years. Every reintroduction is a learning opportunity as every gibbons comes with different cruel backgrounds. The revolutionary discoveries that were made through the fieldwork that gave them many tough lessons yet were very useful for the future of rehabilitating and releasing these gibbons.

Elephant-Friendly Tourism

Provide as many elephants as possible with the good health, freedom, and happiness they truly deserve. We use our progressive and ethically responsible approach to elephant eco-tourism as a platform to raise awareness and educate people from Thailand and around the world about elephant care and the plight of the Asian elephant.

Adopt an Elephant

Collect donations, run projects (Adopt an Elephant etc)

Flock to Birdwatch

The Bird Conservation Society of Thailand (BCST) is one of the oldest organisations conserving birds and nature in Thailand. Through bird watching, nature education and direct conservation actions, they aim to raise the awareness of society of the importance of birds, their habitats and the natural environment and support actions towards achieving sustainable development

Becoming Responsible Divers

Eco Koh Tao specialises in preparing and instructing divers and dive professionals with an emphasis on all aspects of marine conservation. With the belief that training and education makes a better diver and preserve coral reefs for generations to come. They also conduct Marine Conservation courses and projects such as coral restoration, reef check surveys, debris clean ups, giant clam nurseries, water testing, and 'Adopt a Coral'.

Saving Wild Places

WCS Lao PDR implemented 23 projects with the Government of Lao PDR, supported by more than 30 donors. WCS began working in Lao PDR in the 1980s, surveying wildlife and habitats around the country to assist the government to create Lao PDR’s national protected area system.

Forefront of Conservation

Firstly, the trained LCTW Rescue Team will come to rescue and safely transport the animals back to our centre, our rescue team travels to any location in the whole of Laos. Then, at the centre, the animals receive suitable medical care, rehabilitation for release back to the wild or long-term homes.

Free the Elephants!

ECC created different areas where elephants can freely interact during most of the day, have the opportunity of recreating in a semi-natural living environment and express natural behaviours. This way, they receive the cognitive stimulation they need so as to avoid boredom.

Rescue & Release

Rescue & Release, raise public awareness

The Wild Act Challenge

Conduct programs with urban and rural communities across the country to provide access to conservation education. The Wild Act Challenge employs these approaches to help raise awareness about environmental issues amongst Vietnamese young people and then, through guidance and support, help them to discover and experience what is within their power to do about it.

Vets and Keepers

Wildlife rescue and Rehabilitation, Site protection, Education Outreach, Conservation Breeeding, Species Conservation, Advocacy.

Primate Rescue Projects

Rescue and rehabilitation, release of rehabilitated animals needs the support of all stakeholders in order to be successful.

The Langur Guards

The Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (CBLCP) was founded in 2000 to halt the impending extinction of the Cat Ba Langur, a critically endangered leaf eating monkey endemic to Cat Ba Island off the shore of northern Vietnam. Since its initiation, the project has worked on species and habitat protection, law enforcement, population monitoring, environmental education, and research. Additionally, the CBLCP provides the provincial authorities with environmental consulting services to mitigate the effects of environmentally unsound development projects. Partnerships with Cat Ba National Park and local people in villages surrounding the park provide the foundation for direct community participation in the conservation effort. The ultimate goal is to restore the Cat Ba Langur population to a long-term viable number and for the rich biodiversity of Cat Ba Island to be maintained into the future.

Rivers Unite

Vietnam Rivers Network (VRN) aims to contribute to protecting the health of river ecosystems and watersheds towards sustaining river biodiversity and the livelihoods of river-dependent communities, which supports the national objective of sustainable development. They also run various activities such as information sharing sessions, small studies and science workshops.

Ensuring Sustainable Development

With over 20 years of involvement in program development, Viet Nature continues to build national leadership in the field of conservation in the country. They focus on conservation action on the ground, biodiversity monitoring, linking biodiversity to human well-being as in the context of climate change as well as environmental awareness raising and education.

Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU)

ENV’s Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU) facilitate and motivate public involvement in combating the wildlife trade while improving the effectiveness of law enforcement’s response to wildlife crime.

Believe in Advocacy

Strengthening existing local and national anti-trafficking networks, facilitating research, data collection, and translation of resources, identifying and addressing gaps in current anti-trafficking efforts, connecting Indonesian organizations to international resources and networks

The LINI Approach

The Centre offers training and opportunities for work experience in various aspects of marine conservation, reef restoration, aquaculture, and sustainable fishery management.

Protecting the Land and the Animals

Run programs and provides a home land for many species that need help.

Saving Asia's Only Great Ape

Bornean orangutan rescue, rehabilitation, reintroduction and long-term conservation.

Friends, Not Foes

Run a conservation nursery offering an alternative to young sharks. The eco-tour is ocean friendly for all ages & experience levels. Even non-swimmers can enjoy feeding & up close encounters.

A Waste Plan

Separation of materials in organic and non organic materials is the first step to manage the waste crisis in Indonesia.

Striving for Stronger and Healthier


The Need for A Deep Clean

Divers Clean Action (DCA) is a youth NGO and community focusing on marine debris issues. They have been researching on marine debris data with various partner universities, coastal community development facilitators, environmental collaborating program with diving institutions, campaigns and training since late 2015 with more than 1000 volunteers across Indonesia.

Breaking the Fire

Collect donation and volunteers

A Restoration Mission

They are on a mission to restore two third of coral reefs and shorelines in Indonesia, through conservation, science, economic catalization and advocacy.

Understanding the Support Needs

Hagar provides long-term, individualised services for women and children, including residential and transitional care and support, legal aid, counselling, education, family services and employment in Cambodia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Singapore and Myanmar.

Free From Suffering

ACRES is an animal protection organisation, driven by our concern for animals. They adopt research projects on the use of animals in various fields. Research findings are then used to educate the public to promote active community involvement in the animal protection movement, as well as strive towards synergistic partnerships with authorities and related parties.

Fight for Flight

BirdLife has nine Global Programmes, varying from those which are well-established, to more recently developed ones, each responding to specific conservation issues. In addition to the Global Programmes there are individual regional programmes. These support the Global and Regional Conservation Programmes to help the Partnership focus and collaborate on common priorities. They provide a framework for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluating of our conservation work.

World Class Care

They have a highly-skilled team focused on delivering world-class care for their animals. To drive efforts in conservation, research and education, they partner conservation-minded individuals and organisations, spreading the message of wildlife protection to a growing community.

Educate and Engage

Educate and engage with campaigns and activities, influence policies with research, surveys and reports, collaborate to drive change with initiatives and agreements and solve market problems with technology and platforms.

People's Movement to Stop Haze

Focuses on outreach, research and advocacy on the transboundary haze crisis. Their mission is to drive a global movement to stop the haze by empowering the community with the knowledge, means and values. Steering consumption patterns toward sustainable palm oil and paper as well as assisting Indonesian and Malaysian farmers to create a sustainable livelihood are two main ways they empower the community.

Conservation of Natural Heritage

Organise nature appreciation activities like guided nature walks, bird and butterfly watching, slide talks and overseas eco-trips, conduct conservation projects and surveys, collaborate with schools and community groups to promote nature appreciation and education, run campaigns for the protection of natural habitats.

A Voluntary Environmental Movement

Build monthly engagement by putting together a team of youth volunteers, conduct annual fellowship to exposes our youth on environmental issues across the different stakeholders in Singapore and at the global level and constantly engage schools to build their in house youth capacity.

A Difference for Wildlife

They have crafted a range of environmental education programmes centred on the twin pillars of experiential environmentalism and local culture. Thus far, they have reached out to thousands of participants aged 5 to 85 of all socio-economic backgrounds.

Empowering Female Survivors

RENEW provides programs centre around three components: 1. Prevention: Girls Empowerment Program - providing holitsic support for teengage girls in high risk communties, including education and family support. 2. Intervention: Medical, Legal, Psycho-social and Residential care and support and Single Parent Program - supporting mothers in the bars to seek contact and support from their child's biological fathers. 3. Reintegration: Counseling, Medical care, Legal aid, a Safe place to live, Education, Job training and Placement and assistance with finding a home or rejoining the family. Each program is run by highly skilled and experienced Filipino staff and a team of (inter)national volunteers.

Road to Recovery

"Rancho ni Cristo", their aftercare shelter, is a safe home for girls who have been rescued out of the evils of online sex trafficking. CURE partner with local law enforcement and international NGO's. As they do the raids/rescue operations and pursue the legal cases against perpetrators, Rancho ni Cristo provides the shelter that the victims need so that they can have a safe place to grow and heal.

The 1343 Actionline

Receive and respond to requests for assistance, inquiries, and referrals from victims including their families and the public on matters related to cases of human trafficking regardless if the crime was committed locally or internationally and systematize the referral of cases to appropriate government agencies or non-government organizations as immediately as possible.

The Philippine Seatizens

Conducts projects and campaigns on shark conservation, community empowerment, and environmental education.

Encouraging Sustainability

They tackle the complex issues in environment conservation by conserving sites and habitats, saving species, empowering people as well as encourage sustainability.

Finding the Right Tools

People and the Sea has developed a set of ’tools’ and a unique integrated approach to better environmental conservation and poverty reduction. They have developed 5 core programmes on Malapascua that touch different elements of the community, but always carrying a clear and consistent message. These programmes are all funded through sustainable, independent sources. And while these programmes address real, current and very palable problems in their own right, their real success lies in the ability to bring people together and to build partnerships.

Championing Zero-Waste Initiatives

PRRCFI conducts several environmental programs that focus on biodiversity conservation, nature tourism, science and research, environmental education, solid waste management and zero-waste initiatives.

Becoming Ambassadors of Change

They support conservation activities in the area around Zamboanguita with help from their volunteers, technical expertise and logistical support. As they are are getting to know more and more people and organizations, and they are starting to know them, they are participating in and thinking up even more projects. Projects range from (marine) biological and conservation research, community based conservation activities, and educational work. Some of their projects are planned and executed by their interns during their stay here, while others (especially community-outreach projects), are run by staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

Voyage For a More Sustainable Future

Provides resources to help sustain livelihoods and alleviate poverty through the protection, restoration and management of coral reefs and associated ecosystems​

Vision of a Better Life

They offer a wide range of rewarding jobs, with opportunities for promotion, in their attractive and innovative social enterprises.

Building a Strong Community

The team in Cambodia leads a coalition of 51 member organizations based across the country. The project equips their members and their staff through capacity building forums and trainings, facilitating networking at our bi-annual conferences, and working to collectively promote best practices and standards of care in order to build a stronger, more connected anti-trafficking community.

Bringing Change Together

Uses education and awareness-raising activities to help Cambodian children understand their rights and their real value as members of their society. They work with communities across Cambodia to help them better support their children and protect them from exploitation. They also supply critical legal and case-management services to child sexual assault victims, and provide them with medical treatment, transportation, food, and accommodation.

Love, Hope and Healing

AIM serves children and families in many ways through our community church, AIM School and the AIM Medical Clinic. AIM also conduct investigations, perform raids, make arrests, and rescue victims of trafficking alongside Cambodian law enforcement. AIM's restoration programs provide survivors with love, hope, healing and the tools for a brand new life that will last a lifetime. Survivors stay in their Restoration home for as long as they need, and our loving team of social workers follow up with these women for the rest of their lives.

The Wildlife Rapid Rescue Teams

Wildlife Alliance implements a complete approach to combating the illegal wildlife trade through our award-winning wildlife police unit – the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team. They ensure all live animals seized from the trade are appropriately cared for whilst working with government authorities to ensure traders face justice.

Saving Cambodian Wildlife

SCW focuses on education as means of empowerment and change, using book publications, teaching programs and awareness campaigns to reach all levels of society. SCW encourages and facilitates networking between indigenous communities and local authorities to achieve nature conservation and biodiversity preservation.

Mondulkiri Elephant Rescue Program

Their project and activity are funded through visitor contributions & donations at our elephant sanctuary and eco-tourism center. With additional professional assistance from our large network of local & overseas volunteers.

Battling Climate Change Together

Issues concerning Climate Change are addressed by mitigation and adaptation activities that can have an impact on the environment. These activities are carried out through empowerment programs involving community and community based institutions to identify the options in regard to mitigation and adaptation, and the identified options are mainstreamed into commune development plans.

In Situ Conservation

Conduct a few activities such as breeding of endangered species, environmental education, in situ conservation and beekeeping project.

Enriching Refugee Campaigns

Create programmes and campaigns such as Migrants Rights Protection, Refugee Action Programme, anti trafficking in person and provides shelters for woman in crisis.

Empowering Orang Asli Children

Education for Orang Asli children, community placement for unaccompanied and separated children and restorative programmes for trafficked survivors.

Trafficking Through a New Lens

Project Liber8 strives to come up with innovative approaches to focus on issues about human trafficking by enlisting YouTubers as well as students. They organise and conduct workshops such as Advoc8 where participants are not just educated about the problems related to trafficking but also brought to visit its victims in Malaysia. In addition, they organised White Noise, a video contest to enable workshop participants to shoot their own human trafficking PSAs.

Protecting The Malayan Tiger

MYCAT organises countless activities to spread the love for our Malayan tiger and other wildlife, from holding outreach programmes in schools and night markets next to tiger habitats to organising the Wild Tiger Run, a 10km fun run in the city in support of the Malayan tiger.

Nurturing Turtles

Sea turtle conservation - beach monitoring, night and morning patrols, hatchery management, excavation of nests. Coral rehabilitation - Coral reef rehabilitation in Situ, reef monitoring, ecological data compilation, coral rehabilitation ex-Situ: Coral Tank. Environmental Program - Waste management and recycling, environmental education program, Juara Plastic-free initiative.

Conserving The Hose's Civet

Makes use of hair snares and automatic infra-red camera-traps to detect small carnivore species within the Sela’an Linau Forest Management Unit (FMU), a logging concession in the Upper Baram, Sarawak.

Saving the Endangered

Create the capacity to confiscate, rehabilitate and release suitable orphaned and ex-captive bears back into the wild, provide an improved long-term living environment for captive bears that cannot be released, educate the public and raising awareness about this species.

Environmental Educators

Provides young people with an authentic learning experience in the Malaysian rainforest and the opportunity to apply innovative ideas to solve real-life environmental issues.

Reclaiming Nature

Works with relevant authorities on environmental justice in accordance to national, international and/or global agenda, mainstream the concept of sustainability in Malaysia through strategic and effective communications.

Flourishing Without Chemicals

Supported by the PAWANKA Fund, this project aims to promote nature farming to address the current high use of chemicals in food production and to strengthen food security among Indigenous Communities in Sabah. Through this project, it will also address some major issues faced by Indigenous Communities such as food security issues, loss of territories and traditional knowledge in Sabah.

Bringing Birds Back

The Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources of the government as well as wildlife conservationist NGOs, like BruWILD has been advocating against wildlife trafficking. This includes campaigns to create awareness, raising funds, as well as research and collaboration with various organisations.