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Save the Mekong Coalition


The Save the Mekong Coalition is a coalition of non-government organizations, community-based groups and networks, academics, artists and ordinary citizens within the Mekong region and internationally. The coalition was formed in 2009 in response to the public’s growing concern about the effects that hydropower dam development on the Mekong River would have on migratory fish stocks, regional food security, and the livelihoods of millions of people. The Save the Mekong Coalition has no legal or registered status. The responsibility for the content in all public statements in any format will be borne by the members and partners listed as endorsing that statement. While the coalition has a fixed membership, we seek new members who share concerns regarding the future of one of the world’s greatest river systems.


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The AdvocaSEA platform aims to be a consolidated platform of information and opportunities within the fields of Human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation. Through the collective power of regional organizations across Southeast Asia, the AdvocaSEA platform is positioned to build capacity and drive innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the region.

We are looking for organizations to join this platform and to champion these causes. If you are an organization within the Southeast Asian Region please do fill out this form. If you know any organization that would be suited to join this platform, then please do share this form with them!

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