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KAMY - Klima Action Malaysia


KAMY is a grassroots climate movement led by Malaysian youth that stood on the principles of Climate Justice. We call for representative climate action in Malaysia by empowering vulnerable groups and communities; youth, women, and the marginalised. KAMY demand serious political will in climate change policies that are based on principles of peace, equity and democracy. Since April 2019, KAMY has conducted a range of bottom-up strategies to empower the communities through multi-language advocacy, climate protests, capacity building workshops, community awareness to reach the broader demographic. KAMY aim to break the urban and western and environmental-centric narrative of Malaysia's climate discourse.


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The AdvocaSEA platform aims to be a consolidated platform of information and opportunities within the fields of Human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation. Through the collective power of regional organizations across Southeast Asia, the AdvocaSEA platform is positioned to build capacity and drive innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the region.

We are looking for organizations to join this platform and to champion these causes. If you are an organization within the Southeast Asian Region please do fill out this form. If you know any organization that would be suited to join this platform, then please do share this form with them!

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