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The Cambodian Coalition equips organizations and their staff through trainings and capacity building, in order to build a stronger community of anti-trafficking practitioners in Cambodia. The aim of our coalition is to see member organizations lead the way forward in raising the standard of care for victims, survivors, and those at risk of being exploited. There are currently 51 member organizations in the coalition, including both national and international organizations, and those working in small grassroots programs to large policy-level advocacy initiatives. These organizations represent the majority of civil society in Cambodia who are working among the most vulnerable and marginalized populations of men, women, and children, seeking to address issues of sexual abuse and trafficking as well as provide social services to those who have already been exploited.


Human Trafficking

Sold and Abused

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The ASEAN Post
The United Nations Action for Cooperation against Trafficking in Persons (UN-ACT) website states that Cambodia is a country of origin, destination and transit for trafficked persons. It also notes that sexual exploitation is a major form of exploitation for Cambodian victims trafficked both, domestically and internationally. Children are trafficked to Vietnam as well as within Cambodia, and that the sale of virgin women for sexual exploitation continues to be a serious concern. “Cambodia experiences significant internal and cross-border trafficking, and is a country of origin, transit and destination for trafficked persons. Human trafficking patterns and trends in Cambodia vary from small-scale opportunistic endeavours to large-scale organised syndicates with elaborate trafficking networks.”
Phnom Penh


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Building a Strong Community

The team in Cambodia leads a coalition of 51 member organizations based across the country. The project equips their members and their staff through capacity building forums and trainings, facilitating networking at our bi-annual conferences, and working to collectively promote best practices and standards of care in order to build a stronger, more connected anti-trafficking community.

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The AdvocaSEA platform aims to be a consolidated platform of information and opportunities within the fields of Human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation. Through the collective power of regional organizations across Southeast Asia, the AdvocaSEA platform is positioned to build capacity and drive innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the region.

We are looking for organizations to join this platform and to champion these causes. If you are an organization within the Southeast Asian Region please do fill out this form. If you know any organization that would be suited to join this platform, then please do share this form with them!

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