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Biodiversity and Natural History Society (BruWILD) was formed in August 2013 and became legally registered as a non-government organization on April 2014. Their formation began when a group of passionate biologists from different fields of interests (such as ecology, botany, marine biology, mammal study, herpetology, ornithology) came together and agreed to dedicate our time and efforts to share our knowledge and interests with the large public members. They are all graduates and over 70% of us are locals. ​ They strive to provide the best educational support to local schools, institutions, nature groups and wildlife enthusiasts. They also work closely with local authorities in biodiversity conservation, wildlife rescue and sustainable development. They often take part in national conferences, trainings and workshops to continuously build our understanding and skills on biodiversity protection.


Wildlife Trafficking

The Forest Farmer in Trouble

Written by:
Rachael Bale
The helmeted hornbill, one of 57 hornbill species in Africa and Asia, is found only in the lowland forests of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, southern Thailand. Hornbills are vital to the survival of Southeast Asia’s forests. As “farmers of the forest,” they disperse seeds by regurgitating or defecating them, helping to replenish trees over several square miles. It’s an especially important task now, given how much primary forest has been cleared by commercial enterprises. Widespread logging also is reducing habitat for Asian hornbill species and threatening their ability to nest.
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Bringing Birds Back

The Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry & Primary Resources of the government as well as wildlife conservationist NGOs, like BruWILD has been advocating against wildlife trafficking. This includes campaigns to create awareness, raising funds, as well as research and collaboration with various organisations.

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The AdvocaSEA platform aims to be a consolidated platform of information and opportunities within the fields of Human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation. Through the collective power of regional organizations across Southeast Asia, the AdvocaSEA platform is positioned to build capacity and drive innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the region.

We are looking for organizations to join this platform and to champion these causes. If you are an organization within the Southeast Asian Region please do fill out this form. If you know any organization that would be suited to join this platform, then please do share this form with them!

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