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Since its establishment in 2015, Biorock Indonesia (BI) has been focusing on building the proper standards for the implementation of its technology in Indonesia. The organization has developed two key programs, including assistance for partner organization in biorock development and public engagement through volunteering, internship and research programs. So far, BI has developed 14 project sites located in 6 provinces of Indonesia, including Bali, North Sulawesi, Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara and DKI Jakarta and has reached several national and international governmental level milestones.


Environmental Conservation

Coral Bleaching

Written by:
D Susiloningtyas, T Handayani, A N Amalia
Southeast Asian coral reefs have the highest level of biodiversity for the world's marine ecosystem. Coral reefs are a fragile ecosystem and highly vulnerable to overfishing, destructive fishing practices, pollution, and natural factors. Climate change is one of the natural factors that impacted coral reefs such as bleaching. Indonesia holds 12.5% of the world's total coral reefs area (±58.000 km2). Bali, part of The Coral Triangle is one of the popular areas in Indonesia and need to be closely monitored.
Bali, North Sulawesi, Maluku, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara and DKI Jakarta


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A Restoration Mission

They are on a mission to restore two third of coral reefs and shorelines in Indonesia, through conservation, science, economic catalization and advocacy.

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The AdvocaSEA platform aims to be a consolidated platform of information and opportunities within the fields of Human trafficking, wildlife trafficking, and environmental conservation. Through the collective power of regional organizations across Southeast Asia, the AdvocaSEA platform is positioned to build capacity and drive innovative solutions to the pressing challenges faced by the region.

We are looking for organizations to join this platform and to champion these causes. If you are an organization within the Southeast Asian Region please do fill out this form. If you know any organization that would be suited to join this platform, then please do share this form with them!

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